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Server Issues/Responses
Hello, first of I want to thank you for taking the time to inform yourself about the current issues surrounding TheSociety Community. The purpose of this announcement is to clear up any confusion that many of you still have.

Maybe this is the first time you are hearing of this said 'Issue' so let me explain.

TheSociety Started as a small community of friends that decided let's start a small network for server hosting as we were unhappy with the directory of other servers we were playing at the time. So we spent countless hours looking for the right server for our needs, we had grand ambitions. We wanted to host Garry's Mod Servers, Minecraft Servers, Rust, SCP and many more.

We first bought a small 50 slot Minecraft server however when 1.14 came out we found out that the buggy nature of this update was too much for our current hardware so we updated to a dedicated server and all went well we were giving 8gbs of ram just to the Survival Server, which is insane! In comparison the skyblock which was averaging around the same amount of players at the time (20 players) was only allocated 3gb and doing fine no lag to speak of however with 20-25 members on the survival it was causing major lag so we decided that we would upgrade the amount of ram we had on the server, we had another 16gb added to the server which allowed us to finally get more servers. Mordhau, Gmod, 12gb Survival Server, Skyblock, Working on Factions/Prison & Skyblock 2.0

After all this however the community started to lose its player-base due to school, lack of content, lack of structure (Managers started to get bored with Minecraft and stopped playing as much). We got burnt out on everything we were having to do, speaking for myself now I was spending insane amounts of money out of my pocket at first for Plugins/Dedi/Domain/Website then we started to make donations which helped pay for some of that however as I said the player-base got smaller and smaller as did the donations and me being an adult I have things to pay (Debt/Food/Rent etc) so I couldn't pay for it anymore.

I have always said that I never wanted to make money out of the community I just wanted a place where friends could hang out and play servers with friendly staff that don't abuse or harass you. I wanted all the donations to stay in the server and keep it going for a long time (This didn't pan out)  Sad

Now we have decided to move to 1 Minecraft server again this will allow me to keep the server up for my donators and dedicated members. I could have said screw it but I knew that I owed a lot to you guys, I didn't want to let you down so I ran a vote saying which would you prefer 1.8 survival or factions you guys chose factions so that is what we are working on but now I get messages saying you aren't happy because of this which makes me sad because we can't run the 1.14 server on that hardware or I would and I don't have the money to afford anything else. 

This is a very messy and unstructured post but I wanted to be genuine.  (Please also read the discord announcements for a little bit nicer and concise reason)

Yours Truly 

Community Manager @ TheSociety

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