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Suggestion: New Player Friendly
I'm new, and it's nice to meet you all. Great thing is a lot of you seem really nice and really chill. So thank you everyone for that. But I'll get straight to the point.

I found out that information on what plug ins are used is purposely not posted. While in minecraft, even the little random messages only say to do /help for some commands, not even all of the commands or all of the /help commands (such as /rp help). As a new player, I do not know how to use these commands, how to use these features of your server, what I could be missing out on, or even what questions I should be asking, since features may exist I did not know were possible.

In order to get this information, I had to go to great lengths to try to find people to sit there and answer my questions. People were not always available, and not everyone could answer my questions. I heard the reason for this information not being posted was so people don't copy, and because some are custom plug ins.

My suggestion is to have this information posted somewhere, in some form. Most people will not know what to ask, or who to ask. And once they do, they will forget, and have to ask again, going through this long process all over again. If you are worried about random people spying on your server plug ins, perhaps they have to log into game, register to your website, and join your discord before they have access to this information? But it still be written out somewhere, in a new player friendly, perhaps even guide sort of method. Most new people won't go that extra mile to try to ask all the questions and find out. Most will just be confused, or frustrated, and leave. I'm saying this out of personal experience, and being one of your new members at this very moment. Whether it's a tutorial area in game, or a manual or guide on the website or discord, whatever you all feel is best...I would really like to be able to play this game with you guys. I don't think it needs to be so hard for me to figure out how. 

Thank you all for your time in reading and considering this suggestion.
Thank you for taking your time, I will look into this.

I hopefully will be able to write up a full tutorial on the plugins soon.

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