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Freedri's Staff Application
IGN: Freedri

AGE: 19

Discord ID:Skull

Player ID: (If applicable):

Server (MC, GMOD etc): Minecraft

Server Time (If applicable):1d 2hours 50mins

Reason for applying: I want to become staff because i like playing on the server and i want to help out around the server

Experience: i have no experience being staff but i am ready to learn

Availability: i will be available most of the time on weekends but Monday to Friday i can be available but i may have things going on sometimes.

TimeZone (GMT): South Australia GMT+9:30)
Why you think you deserve it and what makes you good for the job? Because i want to help the server and i can learn new things really fast and am always ready to lean. 

Have you ever been banned, if so why? no

How would you punish players for breaking rules? I would punish them how the rules say or if its not something too bad i would give them a warning and if they did it again i would give them a harder punishment.

Do you have a microphone? yes i do
Shame on you not having previous experience however good amount of playtime and enthusiastic application looks good :) BOL
Great playtime, Availablility decent, but your detail in your application is somewhat lacking. I barely see you on but thats most likely because your on survival most of the time. But overall good application.
yes most of my playtime is from survival
Welcome to the staff team you will be hearing from someone in management about your new role as T-Mod

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